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3rd-Aug-2006 09:41 pm - Femmeslash fanfiction dump
(by ___aliform)
I've been putting this off for a while (because I'm lazy) but I can't resist the desire for feedback, so here we go:

Title: Pink Lustings
Pairing: Cagalli x Meer
Genre/Rating: Crack/K
Summary: [Crack!oneshot. Femmeslash MeerxCagalli, AR, postDestiny. Slight AsuMeer.] Cagalli cannot resist Meer's assets. Literally.


Title: Lovers
Pairing: Cagalli x Meyrin
Genre/Rating: Humor/T
Summary: [Crack!pairing: Cagalli x Meyrin.] Very few people knew it, but Lacus was a bit of a sneak. [Includes naughty-- oops, I mean innocent, Lacus. Pink Princess's POV.]


Title: The Destiny Plan
Pairing: Cagalli x Lacus
Genre/Rating: Romance/T
Summary: [Oneshot, crack. Cagalli x Lacus.] The two most influential women alive, both intelligent, both strong. Is it surprising to find out they had a hidden agenda?


Cagalli's a bit of a whore, isn't she? Enjoy! Feedback is much, much, muchly appreciated.

14th-Jul-2006 12:52 pm - [Mod Post] Tags
(by ___aliform)
When posting an entry to the community, please remember to use these tags, and none other. This is to ensure that we don't have rogue tags and mis-organized entires. If you'd like to add a new tag to the list, comment here.

These should all be fairly self-explanatory.

General Tags:

fanworks - fanfiction, fanart, fan soundtracks, etc.

graphics - icons, banners, colourbars, etc.

newbie - introductory posts

community - posts pertaining to gundamseedyuri itself

Other Tags: (for use by the mods only)

mod posts


affiliate - affiliation
14th-Jul-2006 12:29 pm - [Mod post]
(by ___aliform)
I have completely neglected this community since it was started, and I sincerely apologize for that. However, now that it's summer, and school is out, I finally have some free time, so...

I fixed up the userinfo and changed some things, like the journal title and subtitle. craze_izumi, if you don't like what I've done, feel free to change things back, though I think that things look much cleaner this way. I got rid of the colourbar because it took up the entire page, and even on my 1024 x 768 resolution, it required horizontal scrolling, which is generally inconvenient for people.

Anyways. Please pimp this community wherever you can, because we are in serious need of some more members. And start posting, guys. ♥

Your mod,
19th-Mar-2006 12:25 am - Colorbar
Well I make a colorbar... not very nicely done... but still I hope you girls will like it...

colorbar!!!!!!Collapse )
18th-Mar-2006 01:34 pm - Want to Affiliate?
This is one of the gundam seed related communities, we'll be very happy to affilates with any of the gundam seed related communities, so if you are interested please leave us a comment...
18th-Mar-2006 01:17 pm - FAQ
If you ever have any doubts or questions you want to ask...

Just post a comment and the moderators will get to you as soon as possible...
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